Nintendo 3DS

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Looking for an R4 3DS card for your brand new Nintendo 3DS system? Then you’ve found the right place. We stock and carry all of the latest R4 3DS Cards, ready to ship to you! Enhance the capabilities of your Nintendo 3DS system by enabling it to do things that you never thought possible. The R4 line of flashcards makes it all happen. And it’s super easy to use. Once you get your hands on the R4, you’ll start to wonder just how you ever used your handheld before it.

Just what will you be able to do with the R4 3DS once you have it? The features are just too many to list them all, but most of our customers love using their R4 with their 3DS to watch movies on the go. A lot of our customers like using their Nintendo 3DS and an ebook reader, and take their new ebooks on the 3DS and read them no matter where they may be. For the music lover,
the R4 3DS takes your MP3 music and turns your 3DS into a full music player, with playlists and more, thanks to the moonshell media player. And let’s not forget about the games. All of the games work in DS, DSi mode, and you can download hundreds of free homebrew and freeware games from the Internet, games you would never be able to buy in stores.

The R4 card you buy will depend mainly on which DS system you have. Our
R4 DS Card for the DS and DS Lite works perfectly. If you have a DSi, then the R4i SDHC will take care of everything you need to really power up your DSi and DSi XL Systems. And for those of you with a Nintendo 3DS, then out R4 3DS Card is just what you’ve been looking for.

We only sell genuine authentic cards Don’t get duped by sites offering you cards that simply won’t work.