Nintendo DS (Lite)

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Get ready for the revolution in DS Homebrew Gaming. We specialize in DS Flash Card products like the DS R4 Card, The R4 SDHC and R4i SDHC Cards for the Nintendo DSi XL. If you’re looking for the best products and fast service, you’ve come to the right place.

We sell only the Authentic and genuine R4 DS and R4i SDHC Cards. We don’t support clones or fakes and always have the latest firmware for all Nintendo DS Flash Cards available. Our weekly homebrew game and app reviews will guide you to the best DS Homebrew games and applications that you won’t want to miss.

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Whether you want the Acekard 2i, are a fan of the DSTT Cards, or want the most popular R4 Cards, we’ve got you covered. Open up your world to a whole lot of homebrew gaming and applications that you simply won’t find in stores. Games like XRick, Lemmings DS, Colors! and more. DS homebrew games are free to download and play. They don’t cost anything at all, and offer a way for you to expand your software gaming library for your Nintendo DS and DSi system.

For Nintendo DSi and DSi XL cards, please see our R4 For DSi and R4i SDHC Cards – as those cards are designed to work on the Nintendo DSi and DSi XL systems.