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Gamecube Viper ModChip with Programmer for Nintendo GameCube (GC)

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The first Modchip for the Gamecube is finally there. The Viper-GC enables your Gamecube to boot Homebrew and alternate Bios-Files or send commands to the Gamecube directly.


Out of stock


There are just 4 wires to solder from the Modchip to the Gamecube’s Mainboard.

In the package are the Chip, a programmer, and the connection cable.

Remember, the Game Bit is required to open up the GameCube (Security screws) and is not sold in stores. Feel free to add this product to your order.

Product Features

  • A high-speed parallel port programmer is provided along with the FFC cable to connect to the Viper GC main module.
  • An intuitive PC application has been authored to facilitate easy transfer of BIOS’, loaders, or Homebrew applications to the flash memory.
  • Viper Gc is based around the Actel ProAsic Plus FPGA, providing flexibility and security to ensure that the user gets the product they ordered, not a cheap clone.
  • The viper GC’s tailored PC application will enable users to transfer code via their PC Parallel port to the module’s flash memory.
  • Recent Homebrew developments (like GC-Linux) on GC will take advantage of the Viper GC’s ability to run code directly from flash memory, instead of the current BroadBand Adaptor/Phantasy Star Online + Loader solution, leading to the rapid development of the GC Scene.
  • The Viper GC has just 4 wires to solder and two connectors that could assume control of the lid sensor switch, should the appropriate commands be included in a third-party BIOS release.
  • Viper GC is more than a BIOS replacement, it offers the unique possibility through special hardware commands, to run the original BIOS after the user’s loader or Homebrew BIOS has been executed.
  • The Viper GC programmer includes a logic I.C. to increase transfer speeds and a DIP switch to enable or disable the module.

Package Contents

  • Viper GC Mod Chip
  • High-speed parallel port programmer
  • FFC Connection Cable
  • Sealed in Anti-Static Bag


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