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Globe 360 Version 2 Mod Chip For Xbox 360! Works on ALL Versions! Hitachi/LG and Samsung/Toshiba

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The Globe 360 V2 is Finally Here! This Incredible Xbox 360 Mod Chip is compatible with ALL DVD Drives currently on the market!


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If you want to play applications, DVD-r, backups, and more on your Xbox 360 console then this chip is a must-have!! After you install this EASYCONNECT chip and backup firmware via USB, the chip becomes Plug & Play!!!

The Globe 360 Versuib 2 modchip is plug-and-play, meaning that it does not require extracting the drive-key from the console because the ACTEL CPLD bypasses the Xbox 360 drive-key check, no lousy Firmware Hack Needed! It retains all original firmware and there’s no need for any firmware reading or flashing

The Globe 360 V2 Mod Chip is a universal Xbox 360 DVD-Drive firmware upgrader. An upgraded firmware allows for better performance of your DVD drive while reading DVD-R DL support. It features DVD Drive-key “on-the-fly” patching, which automatically boosts the “unsigned” firmware onboard!!

Don’t worry, for the Xbox 360 Live Fans, this modchip comes with an easy ON/OFF switch that runs through the Xbox 360 Power button and is easily programmable. The USB LED will indicate whether your chip is currently on or off. It is a no-hassle solution!!

This Globe 360 V2 chip features an amazing 8-Wire installation with the new EASYCONNECT feature (PCB) board included in the package.

Also featured on this new chip is a USB connection for programming your Onboard and Original Drive Flash with a USB 2.0 connection. This means you can have 2 Firmwares available and select which version you wish to use on startup.

Product Features

  • LG/Hitachi and Samsung/Toshiba Compatible!
  • Easy One Touch Chip On/Off Design
  • 8-Wire installation with Easy Connect PCB
  • Software Modchip disable: Enable or disable the chip with the Xbox 360 power button
  • USB PCB LED to notify chip status
  • Offers DVD-R DL support
  • Unrivaled boot success rate and compatibility
  • Advanced FPGA code design
  • Plug n Play: User not required to extract his drive-key.
  • The Globe 360 Version 2 firmware will work on any drive version
  • Actel legendary FPGA
  • Tough Matt black printed circuit board
  • Easy Reprogrammable Flash Via USB 2.0 Connection to your Computer
  • Dual-Firmware Mode
  • Firmware onboard and drive Backup & Upgradeable
  • Electronic on/off switch

Package Contents

  • Globe 360 Version 2 Mod Chip
  • Easy Connect PCB board for 8-wire installation.
  • Sealed Anti-Static Bag
  • USB PCB Connector
  • USB 2.0 Cord

Installation & Usage Instructions

  • To turn on Xbox 360 with the Globe 360 on, turn on the unit as normal [press power]. Your LED will display ON.
  • To turn on Xbox 360 with the Globe 360 ModChip in off mode, “quick-tap” the power button. LED will be off.


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