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Globe 360 modchip professional installation service for your Xbox 360 console

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NOT COMPATIBLE WITH SAMSUNG DRIVES Our installation service is available for anyone who does not know how to solder or doesn’t want to deal with this difficult procedure.


Out of stock


Soldering a modchip to an expensive system like the Xbox 360 can be very hard. Why take the risk of ruining something so expensive. Let us handle the hard work and install the modchip on your Xbox 360 console for you! The process is now very simple. All you need to do is pay for the chip and installation. Then mail in your console along with your invoice and our technicians will begin the installation and testing of your Xbox 360 modified console! All of our services come with a 30-day warranty! ****Not all types of media are read by the Globe 360, make sure you purchase the correct types**** we suggest using verbatim media with a pioneer burner Premiere Gaming League.

Product Features

  • Installation service for the Globe 360 modchip and the Xbox 360 console
  • Reflash service offered so your drive can play more types of media
  • Installed in the United States
  • Compatible with LG/Hitachi & Samsung/Toshiba
  • One-touch on/off design for easy use
  • Plug and Play, no drive-key extraction
  • Reprogrammable Flash Eprom
  • The chip detects if the media is original or a backup, disabling itself when not necessary

Package Contents

  • Globe 360 modchip installed in the Xbox 360 console
  • Installation by experienced professionals
  • Reflash of the Erprom for increased compatibility
  • Full Test
  • 30 Day Warranty


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