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You Can Play A Demo Of Metroid Dread Right Now

Metroid Dread launched with largely positive reviews earlier this month. The conclusion of Samus’ decades-long battle against the Metroids maintains the classic side-scrolling exploration and the modern additions of developer MercurySteam, such as the melee counter. However, it has one prominent, frightening new feature: E.M.M.I’s, nigh-unstoppable robots that Samus must regularly evade, adding a terrifying wrinkle to the formula. If you’d rather sample the game before committing hard-earned dollars, a demo for Metroid Dread is now available.

You can download the demo on the Switch eShop, or use the browser version to install it remotely. Nintendo hasn’t clarified how big of a slice the trial takes from the main game, but one would imagine it will let players face off with an E.M.M.I. and sample Samus’ new cloaking and/or magnetic grapple abilities.

Will you be giving the Metroid Dread demo a test run? Let us know in the comments!

Eric P

Eric P


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