Every Fish in Fortnite So Far: Fortnite Fish Special Abilities List

Starting with Chapter 2 in 2019, Fortnite has given players the mechanic of fishing, which continues to evolve and include new benefits all the time. Each new season of Fortnite seems to bring with it not just its own unique array of fish that can be caught and eaten or otherwise used in-game, but most seasons have revealed never-before-seen fish which often tie into the themes of different seasons.

For the most part, Fortnite fish are consumable items that offer buffs to whomever eats them. For example, the Flopper and Shield Fish heal HP and shields respectively, while the Hop Flopper gives its hungry looper a few seconds of low-gravity jumping ability. Some fish, such as the Vendetta Flopper are extremely rare and can instantly ping the nearest enemy when eaten.

For players, filling out the Fish Collection book in-game is one of the many side activities to take part in on the Fortnite island. A typical season of Fortnite will offer 30+ different kinds of fish, including special variants that can only be found in certain places or with special items like the enhanced Pro Fishing Rod.

Each season of Fortnite brings its own pool of fish to catch.

While fishing extensively in the middle of a battle royale match means you’re at risk for being in someone’s crosshairs soon enough, a quick trip to the various ponds, Lazy Lake, or the enveloping oceans can give you a critical item just when you need it most. These include healing fish when you’re low on HP, a Shadow Flopper which can help you briefly go invisible, and many more as you can see below.

We’ve compiled every fish in Fortnite into this handy list, and have included their special abilities to help you get acquainted with the expansive ecosystem lurking under the waves. Here’s every fish in Fortnite so far, including their color variants where applicable.


Effect: Heals HP (max 99)

Color variants:

OrangeBlue stripedBlue

Shield Fish

Effect: Heals shields

Color variants:

Black and blueBlack stripedGreenPinkLight blue


Effect: Heals HP and shields

Color variants:


Small Fry

Effect: Heals HP (max 75)

Color variants:

Light blueTanPurple topBlackBlue

Spicy Fish

Effect: Heals HP and grants momentary movement speed buff

Color variants:

MoltenDriftWhite-spottedSouthernSky blue


Effect: Heals shields with area-of-effect splash

Color variants:

SlurpDark vanguardCuddlePeelyPurple

Hop Flopper

Effect: Heals HP and grants momentary low-gravity jumping

Color variants:


Shadow Flopper

Effect: Heals HP and grants momentary invisibility

Color variants:


Thermal Fish

Effect: Grants momentary thermal vision

Color variants:

Purple and orangeSilverRavenGreenRed and green

Cuddle Fish

Effect: acts as proximity mine

Color variants:


Midas Flopper

Effect: instantly converts all loadout weapons to Mythic (gold) rarity

Color variants: None (extremely rare fish)

Vendetta Flopper

Effect: Momentarily pings the nearest enemy

Color variants: None (extremely rare fish)

Stink Flopper

Effect: Does area-of-effect stink bomb damage when thrown, or heals HP when eaten

Color variants:


Rift Fish

Effect: acts as Rift-To-Go, immediately allowing a player to re-drop from the sky

Color variants:


Zero Point Fish

Effect: Grants momentary Zero Point-dash ability

Color variants:


Snowy Flopper

Effect: grants momentary ice shoes for skating

Color variants: None

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