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Call Of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Patch Notes Arrive With Stability Improvements, Bug Fixes

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War has received a new patch as the game enters the final week of the Halloween-themed Haunting event. The October 26 update makes changes to the Infected mode and brings about new stability improvements and bug fixes for Zombies.

Additionally, the battle axe weapon now has improved hit registration across multiplayer and zombies. For the Infected changes, the match timer now adds 10 seconds when a survivor is killed. As for the stability improvements, Zombies players can expect fixes for upgrade machines, pumpkin heads, armor spawns, and weapon rarity, among other things.

The existing Nuketown Halloween, Scream Deathmatch, Infected, and Hallows’ Eve Outbreak modes remain in the Featured playlist hopper for the final week of The Haunting. One new playlist, Gunfight Blueprints, has been added for this week.

Looking ahead, the next double XP weekend begins this Friday, October 29–it offers double XP for progression, weapons, and the battle pass, so it’s a good time to play to rank up faster.

Activision is going big to promote the Haunting event. In London, the company set up a prank of sorts that features zombie heads that move and spray some type of liquid at people stopping by to pose for a picture. Check out the video above to see what happened.

Black Ops Cold War October 26 Patch Notes:



Battle AxeAddressed an issue that could prevent hits from the Battle Axe from registering properly on nearby enemies in Multiplayer and Zombies.



InfectedKilling a Survivor now adds 10 seconds to the match timer.

Featured Playlists

Nuketown HalloweenScream DeathmatchInfectedGunfight Blueprints [NEW]Face Off 6v612v12 MoshpitParty Games (includes Nuketown Halloween Prop Hunt)Multi-Team



Added stability fixes for issues related to weapon rarity, score from vehicles, upgrade machines, Pumpkin Heads, and Armor spawns.

Event Challenges

Addressed an issue that prevented the “Trick-or-Treat” event Challenge from unlocking in Zombies during The Haunting.

Dead Ops Arcade 3

Addressed an issue that allowed multiple players to receive multiple rewards from one stone or chest.Addressed an issue that allowed multiple players to use an arcade machine at the same time.

Featured Playlists

Hallows’ Eve OutbreakOutbreak (Endless and 3 Region)ForsakenMauer der TotenFirebase ZDie MaschineDead Ops Arcade 3 (Standard and First-Person)Onslaught (PlayStation)Onslaught Elite (PlayStation)Onslaught Containment (PlayStation)

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