Battlefield 2042 Looks Like A Michael Bay Action Movie In These Incredible Plays

Battlefield 2042 has arrived in early access, and players have already achieved some very impressive plays. The series is known for its open-ended sandbox that can, and often does, lead to some wild and impressive Hollywood action movie-style moments. This is already proving to be true for Battlefield 2042.

We’re rounding up some of the best plays we’ve seen so far, and we’ll continue to update this post as we find more.

In this clip, player toku_u masterfully gets the drop on unsuspecting enemies by using a parachute to float down into a snow-covered valley on the Breakaway map. Safely on the ground, the player snaps off five perfect headshots in a row. They never saw it coming.

Mission failed successfully #Battlefield
🎬: u/toku_u #OnlyInBattlefield

— Battlefield (@Battlefield) November 12, 2021

In this clip, user SpykeZim drops down onto a tank that was placed on the top of a building and detonates explosive charges in a scene that looks like it’s straight out of a Michael Bay movie.

Putting a tank on the roof… smart

Special Delivery!#OnlyInBattlefield #Battlefield2042

— SpykeZim (@SpykeZim) November 12, 2021

This next play is not really about skill, but rather it shows off a satisfying bug. The hovercraft in Battlefield 2042 can apparently stick to walls and other environment objects, which leads to some wacky and wonderful scenes.

In a very creative move, Reddit user SamTeeJayKay shows how it’s possible to attach C4 to drones and then fly them to enemy aircraft to blow them out of the sky.

Battlefield 2042 uses bots to populate matches in some scenarios, and because they are programmed similarly, apparently, they run and scatter like zombies might in a scary movie. This video from Ao-letsgo shows off what it looks like in action.

While Battlefield 2042 is being enjoyed by many, the game hasn’t gone over in a completely smooth manner, as players are voicing their concerns about missing features like the scoreboard and voice chat.

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