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Xeno Top Gear (Out of the Box Firmware updater Blaster 360 Clone)

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This amazing new budget prices clone of the Blaster 360 is your solution for flashing your Xbox 360 without ever needing to open your Xbox 360 again.


Out of stock


It works on every drive and can easily be upgraded. No soldering is required and this can be installed in minutes! High-quality SATA ports are included and LEDs are available for a brighter experience.

Product Features

  • After the easy one-time-only installation, flash your Xbox360 without the need to open it ever again.
  • Works with all Xbox360 drives that can be firmware-upgraded.
  • High-Quality digital Sata exchange switching
  • No soldering required at all = no chance to brick your drive from bad soldering.
  • Installation is done in just a few minutes
  • Built-in eject button, 360/PC switch, HDD/PC switch.
  • High-quality SATA Ports
  • Can transfer all data from the Xbox360 HD to your PC
  • Superior quality design.of case modding accessories.
  • The LED version will be available for crystal, smoke colors of Xeno Top Gear
  • Comes with a 360 opening tool for opening the console
  • No need for an external power supply, Xeno Top Gear is fully powered by the console.

Package Contents

  • Xeno Top Gear
  • Unlock Kit
  • Replacement SATA cables


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