Xbox Xenium SP.Gold Xbox Mod Chip and 120GB, 160GB, or 200GB Hard Drive Combo!

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The Official Xodus Xenium SP. Gold is compatible with ALL XBox’s to date, even the new version 1.6.


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It can be shut off for online gaming, booted with write protection to chip, and much much more! Plays all backups and is the most advanced full-featured modchip available for Xbox today!

This combo includes a certified 120GB/160GB/200GB Hard Drive with 7200 RPM!!! This 7200 RPM hard drive, with 120GB/160GB/200GB (Optional) capacity, yields a data transfer rate up to ATA 133 mb/s and has a 2M buffer. After installation of programs, you will be able to copy Games to HD, Play MP3’s, FTP to your console, and play games without discs. It’s the easy, no-hassle solution!! Works with all Xbox versions, and with only two plugs to a plugin, it is a simple install.
The Xenium SP. Gold has the brand new OS2 pre-loaded for you!!

We are an Official Xenium Reseller. We guarantee our Xeniums not to be Fakes or Clones.

Product Features

  • Works On All Xbox Versions V1.0 – V1.6 Completely SOLDERLESS
  • Dual SPI expansion port ( be ready for many new innovative and exciting hardware add-ons to come soon)
  • Dynamic Bank partitioning
  • Emergency Recovery System (ERS)
  • Multi-installation methods (solderless adapter available)
  • Built-in EEPROM utilities
  • Backup EEPROM for flashing
  • Restore EEPROMS from flash
  • Quick select user-programmable bank booting (use joypad to override default boot bank setting)
  • Bios flashing from HDD, browser, or CDROM
  • Full-color status/bank indicator LED
  • 120GB/160GB/200GB HD- 7200 RPM. EIDE
  • Only 2 plugs for install!! Easy Installation
  • 7200 RPM
  • 120GB/160GB/200GB (Optional) storage capacity
  • ATA 100/133 mb/s
  • Lockable Hard Drive for use with XB Live
  • Perfect for Evolution X
  • Brand NEW OS2 pre-loaded
  • Recommended for a CUSTOM Xbox

Package Contents

  • Official Xodus Xenium SP.Gold ModChip
  • Pins for Installation
  • 120GB/160GB/200GB (Optional) Hard Drive 7200 RPM 2M Buffer

Installation & Usage Instructions

  • Install and BIOS Instructions
  • OzXodus Xenium Install Instructions (Solderless Included)
  • OzXodus Xenium Gold Install Instructions for 1.6 (pic-1)
  • OzXodus Xenium Gold Install Instructions for 1.6 (pic-2)
  • Xenium-OS V2.0 User Manual
  • Xenium GoldTutorial


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