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Xbox SmartXX v3 Mod Chip compatible with All Xbox Consoles

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The new SmartXX V3 Mod Chip is the latest and best Xbox modchip from famous manufacturer Team SmartXX.


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This Xbox Mod Chip is compatible with all Xboxes up to date and comes with Free SmartXX Support CD and Free USB Adapter.

This Xbox Mod Chip comes full of juicy features like IR Mod Ready, Compatible with Display like XLCD screens for use with XBMC (Xbox Media Center) Easy Pinheader installation. Status LED, and many more features.

This Xbox modchip can also be installed without any soldering on version 1.6 and 1.6 Xbox Consoles by purchasing the optional Spider 1.6 Solderless Adapter.

Product Features

  • Flash Size: 4 MB
  • Useable Flash Size: 3.5 MB
  • High-Speed Hardware Protected Flash ROM
  • Ultra Highspeed SYSCON (UHSC) Logic Chip
  • Works with Solderless Adapters on 1.0-1.5 Box
  • Works with Smartxx 1.6 Solderless Adapter
  • Change Video Mode
  • Change Game Region
  • Works with all Video Cables
  • Eeprom Diagnostic
  • Eeprom Repair
  • Eeprom Backup / Eeprom replay
  • Protect Xbox-live modchip detection
  • Password protect with User levels*
  • Skinnable OS
  • Upload New languages/fonts
  • HDD unlock/lock: YES
  • HDD copy
  • HDD format
  • New HDD Prepare
  • Flash with CD/HTTP/TFTP/Remoteflasher
  • Can run ED@chip from Flash
  • Can run ED@chip from RAM
  • Supports USB keyboard
  • Status LED Programmable
  • External Display Solder Pads
  • Display Connector Without Soldering
  • Software Controlled Contrast for Display
  • Software Controlled Backlight for Display
  • RGB Ambient Light (3x Independent PWM´s)
  • External Parallel RGB (3x Independent PWM´s)
  • General I/O Port´s
  • High Power Infrared Remote Output
  • IR MOD Ready
  • All Connections Attachable Without Soldering
  • Software upgrade possible

Package Contents

  • SmartXX v3 Mod Chip
  • Pinhead for Easy Installation
  • 1.6 Recovery Board for v1.6 Installation
  • IR Transmitter
  • Custom USB Adapter
  • SmartXX Support CD
  • Free SmartXX Sticker
  • Shipped inside Anti-Static bag

Installation & Usage Instructions

Installation Instructions:
SmartXX V3 Installation Instructions/Manuals/Tutorials


SmartXX Downloads


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