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Xbox Smart XX LT OPX Xbox Mod Chip for All Xbox Versions

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The New SmartXX LT OPX modchip is the latest SmartXX modchip to be released.


Out of stock


It has some very powerful features while maintaining its “lite” status versus its predecessor the SmartXX V2 (Pro) ModChip.

The chip has a 1MB Flash and is of the highest quality manufacturing from a very reputable manufacturer. The manufacturer offers a 1 Year Warranty for this product!

The Spider 1.6 board is an optional feature that will allow the SmartXX LT OPX to be installed Solderlessly on all 1.6 and 1.6b Xbox Consoles.

Product Features

  • 1MB Flash Size
  • High-Speed Logic Chip
  • 0.75MB Usable Flash Size
  • Manufacturer 1 Year Warranty!
  • Works with Optional 1.0-1.5 Solderless Adapters
  • Works with Spider 1.6 Solderless Adapter
  • Works with all video cables
  • Fake Xbox-live HDD identity
  • Protect Xbox-Live modchip detection
  • HDD Unlock / Lock
  • Fash with CD/HTTP/TFTP/RemoteFlasher

Package Contents

  • SmartXX LT OPX Mod Chip
  • SmartXX CD
  • USB Adapter
  • Pin Header for Installation
  • Free Sticker

Installation & Usage Instructions

Installation Tutorials:
Pin Header Installation Tutorial for Versions 1.0-1.5
Quick Solder Installation Tutorial for Versions 1.6 & 1.6b


Software (PC):
Remote Flasher Software V5 (5.6 MB)
Updates: (1MB crypt 256kB, recommended)
Display Manuals: (767 KB)
Ed on the Chip:
Ed on-chip, ZIPed (1,66 MB)


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