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Xbox Seagate 120GB/160GB/200GB Hard Drive 7200 RPM. ATA 133. Perfect for Xbox/PS2

Brand new Seagate 120/160/200 GB Hard Drive with 7200 RPM!!!



This 7200 RPM hard drive, with 120GB/160GB/200GB (optional) capacity, yields a data transfer rate up to ATA 133 mb/s and has a 2M buffer. It’s ideal for speed-intensive applications like digital video editing and the latest games. After installation of programs, you will be able to copy Games to HD, Play MP3’s, FTP to your console, and play games without discs. It’s the easy, no-hassle solution!! Works with all Xbox versions, and with only two plugs to a plugin, it is a SIMPLE install!

Product Features

  • Works with ALL Models of the Xbox and PS2 with HD Advance
  • Only 2 plugs for install!!
  • Easy Installation
  • 7200 RPM
  • 120GB/160GB/200GB (optional) storage capacity
  • ATA 133 mb/s
  • Lockable Hard Drive for use with XB Live
  • Perfect for Evolution X
  • Recommended for a CUSTOM Xbox
  • EIDE 120GB/160GB/200GB (optional) Hard Drive

Package Contents

  • Seagate 7200 RPM 120/160/200 GB Hard Drive. Perfect for Xbox and PS2


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