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Xbox Official Xbox Xecuter 3 CE ModChip and 120GB, 160GB, or 200GB Hard Drive Combo!

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New Xecuter 3 CE is such a leap in its 5th generation upgrade. The only device capable of on the fly bios configuration and more.


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The most advanced chip from the most popular manufacturer has some amazing features. The chip does all the basic Xbox modifications that can open up your Xbox for limitless options, including loading games and programs from a hard drive and playing import and backup discs. This chip does everything, can allow you to boot games from HDD or Discs as well as store music, videos and just makes your Xbox a PC with Linux.

New features include a better connector of the alt 5v point, a 90-degree angle IO socket for easier install/positioning of the No Solder X3LCD, a different design flash protect switch now with LED to give a better indication of flash protect status, better layout of the I/O solder positions/points and also the different colors that correspond with the current CE design (white front, red back). Works on all versions of Xbox’s. Switch to either retail bios mode or FULL debug bios mode. Display / Edit bios names from each bank. New FTP Based Bios Storage System. Control all BIOS / Mod functions and settings from HTTP & PC App. Enhanced BIOS flash speed. Built-in Onscreen Keyboard. Customize all features of the bios on the fly.

This combo includes a certified 120/160/200GB GB Hard Drive with 7200 RPM. This 7200 RPM hard drive, with 120/160/200GB (Optional) capacity, yields a data transfer rate up to ATA 133 mb/s and has a 2M buffer. After installation of programs, you will be able to copy Games to HD, Play MP3’s, FTP to your console, and play games without discs. It is the easy, no-hassle solution! Works with all Xbox versions, and with only two plugs to a plugin, it is a simple install.

Optional Xapt3r Solderless adapter not compatible with v1.6 and 1.6b.

Product Features

  • v1.0-v1.6 compatible with ALL Xbox versions up to date!
  • 4MB reflashable EEPROM
  • Allows for CD-RW or DVD-R backup discs to be read and played!
  • Allows for Imports and backups on Disc or load from Hard Drive!
  • Full DHCP & Static IP Support
  • Built-in Web Server, FTP Server with Boost Mode (Over 11,000kb/sec!)
  • Flash BIOS via HTTP or FTP
  • IGR and LBA48 Live Control (Select Partition 6 or 6+7)
  • Quick Launch Feature (select different features to be executed with gamepad combos)
  • Customize start-up animation colors on the fly (With Active Colour Picker System)
  • Customize start-up flubber colors on the fly (With Active Colour Picker System)
  • Change Camera Angles of the start-up animation (select between 15 options)
  • Password your XBOX for extra security and Enable or Disable
  • Reset on eject hack
  • Change your Internal Fan Speed and power LED color on the fly
  • Boot to original MS Dash and Bios
  • Load Bios from HDD C, D, E, F and DVD-ROM andFlash
  • Install, Format & Partition Brand new HDD (ready to FTP in less than 5 seconds!)
  • Lock / Unlock HDD
  • Set / Display Video Mode w/ Progressive Scan Control (480i, 480p, 720p, 1080i)
  • Set widescreen / letterbox
  • New Audio Options (User selectable background music)
  • Set / Display Game Region and DVD Region, Video Encoder Version
  • Display HDD Password, All Xbox Live, Network Configuration
  • Display Xbox Version and Eeprom public and encrypted data
  • Save / Restore XBOX Eeprom to X3, Save Settings
  • AutoSave Eeprom to X3 on the first install
  • Setup custom dashboard selection (5 Options),Set default dashboard
  • Set drive to boot dash from (C E or F)
  • Set LBA48 settings (larger than 137GB)
  • Auto-Fix of corrupt date/time
  • X3 Software Integration to other dashboards
  • Brand new X3 Bios Manager for the PC – MANY new features including full BIOS configuration via the built-in webserver
  • 2MB Flash Rom With 15 Bios Storage Options
  • Dedicated 256K Backup Rom with a new Linux based bios (any bios you wish)
  • HDD Activity LED, LAN Activity LED, LPC/D0 Alignment LED
  • 120/160/200GB HD- 7200 RPM. EIDE
  • Only 2 plugs for install! Easy Installation 7200 RPM
  • 120/160/200GB (Optional) storage capacity
  • ATA 100/133 mb/s
  • Lockable Hard Drive for use with XB Live
  • Perfect for Evolution X

Package Contents

  • Xecuter 3 CE Modchip
  • External Switch & Cables
  • LPC Rebuild For Versions 1.6 & 1.6b
  • Option 1 – All The Wires For A Wire Fit
  • Option 2 – Pin Header For Pin Header Fit
  • Supplied with all adapters & wires
  • 120GB/160GB (Optional) Hard Drive 7200 RPM 2M Buffer
  • Shipped in Anti-Static bag

Installation & Usage Instructions


X3/X2.6 v1.0-v1.5 Install
X3/X2.6 v1.6 Install
X3 Noob Guide
FlashBIOS Tutorials
Chapter Installation

New Enhanced SPI / i2c Interface
New Enhanced 16xI/O Bus for Full LCD support (and other future hardware add-ons)
All LCD modules to be custom made with adapters so no soldering required (also currently testing with a new 320×200 Matrix LCD)
Flash Protection Control
Mod Disable – Quick Press of Power or Eject (External LED will indicate RED LED)
Quick Press Power+Eject >1 second to boot from 256k Backup Rom (ExterGREEN LEDnal LED will indicate YELLOW LED)
Quick Press >1 second to boot from 2Mb Flash Rom (External LED will indicate


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