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Xbox DuoX3 Affordable Cromwell ModChip for Xbox with Many features and Low Price!

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The DUOX3 is the next generation of LOW-PRICED Xbox mods!! The DUOX3 comes with more standard features than the old, not so user-friendly, Aladdin Chip.


Out of stock


This chip comes with a massive (for the cheap mod) 1MB BIOS STORAGE CAPACITY, compared to the Aladdin chip only came with a tiny 256KB Bank. The new DUOX3 chips are far easier to flash and update down the road than any Aladdin chip has ever been.

The DUOX3 modchip is the lowest-priced Advanced Mod on the market to date and is great for the beginner!

Product Features

  • One chip for v1.0-v1.6b Xbox
  • Very easy to disable mod for LIVE.
  • LED blinks when it is in operation
  • Dual bios feature ( 2 x 512KB) for a total of 1MB BIOS STORAGE
  • 9 solder points + 2 wire Installation or LPC port rebuild + 2 wire
  • Ideal for Xbox Linux
  • THIS CHIP WORKS ON V1.0 – V1.6B!
  • Run Debug Executables
  • No-patch hack 1
  • No-patch hack 2
  • Permanent eject trick hack
  • Macrovision Off
  • IGR (depends on chosen bios)
  • Supports 137+GB Hard disk (F and G drive)
  • Auto-detect EvoX Dashboard
  • Flash upgradeable.
  • Cromwells bios edition

Package Contents

  • DuoX3 Xbox Mod Chip
  • Shipped in Sealed Anti-Static bag


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