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Xbox 360 Pioneer DVR-111D, DVR-710 16X DVD Drive Burner OEM

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This Eleventh generation burner is the best dual format DVD writer available on the market.


Out of stock


This model supports Dual/Double layer writing with speeds up to 16x. Performance is key and this burner delivers. You can store up to 4.7 GB of data using write at once or up to 8.5 GB of data using a dual-layer. This product is an OEM product meaning it will not come in a fancy box, but the product is brand-new with a 30-day warranty! Retail, the product is listed as the Pioneer DVR-710. Why would you want to pay more for a box you are going to throw away anyway! Pick this burner up, quit making coasters, and start making backups that work!

Product Features

  • This is the best burner available for backing up all your media
  • Compatible with Hitachi Xbox 360 Drive
  • Compatible with Globe 360 Firmware
  • The number one burner listed in forums for making backups
  • The 11th generation of dual-format DVD burning
  • Supports 8x Dual/Double-sided DVD’s
  • Works with both Dvd-R and DVD+R media
  • Ability to write 4.7 GB of information with write-once media
  • Ability to Store 8.5 GB on Dual Layer media
  • The DVR-111D reads DVD-RAM at 5x more than twice as much as its predecessor
  • Quiet drive technology reduces noise levels and increases the reliability
  • 2MB cache buffer
  • ATAPI buffer
  • OEM version of the DVR-710 burner at retail

Package Contents

  • OEM Pioneer DVR-111D, DVR-710 16X DVD Drive Burner


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