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White Iphone 4 Conversion Kit




Introducing your brand new white iPhone 4. If you’re one of the lucky iPhone 4 owners, who couldn’t wait a tremendous amount of time for the White iPhone 4, then here is your chance to give your black one a brand new white look. With our white iPhone 4 conversion kit. It has everything you need to take your current black iPhone and make it completely white, for that really cool look. When you’re finished, you’ll feel like you have a whole new phone.

We’re also pleased to say that when you use our white iPhone 4 kit you’ll notice that your new phone is the same size and thickness as your black one was. Many have noticed that Apples’ own white iPhone is thicker than their black model. But not with this kit. And unlike other kits out there today, that leaves your dock connector and headphone jack in black, our kit totally transforms your phone, from the home button right to the dock and earphones! It’s the best kit on the market, and the lowest priced kit available online.


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