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USB Power Cable for Sony PSP! Powers your PSP on an Array of USB Devices!

With this amazing ultra-portable device you can say goodbye to wall chargers.



With the PSP USB Charger, you can charge your PSP (any model, from any country) from any USB port! Just plug into any PC or notebook, even your PS2, and watch your Sony PSP Battery Charge. High-quality design at an affordable price! Works on Array of USB Devices!

Product Features

  • Allows you to charge PSP battery from Notebook, PC, or even a PS2 Console with USB ports!
  • When Traveling internationally just charge from any Notebook or PC with a USB Port.
  • Charge your Sony PSP without having to use a wall charger
  • Fully charge the PSP’s battery in 3 hours.
  • conveniently sized to be able to take anywhere
  • Can charge from an array of USB devices.

Package Contents

  • PSP USB Power Cable


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