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TT DS / DSTT Slot-1 Solution w/2Gig MicroSD Combo (MicroSD / MicroSDHC) for Nintendo DS

The TTDS is the latest and one of the greatest Slot 1 Solutions on the market today. Get the Hottest Slot 1 Card, and get a 2 Gig MicroSD Card included with your order.



Everything you need right out of the box to play thousands of free homebrew games and applications and your favorites! The TTDS fully supports MicroSD and MicroSD HC cards for virtually unlimited storage for your files! Designed and created by the very same people behind the world’s very first NDS Linker / Development Cart, the TT DS is backed by a team of excellent designers and developers. Your perfect slot 1 solution is finally here. Complete with support for Download & Play, Cheat Codes, and unlike many Slot 1 solution – full support for playing games over the built-in WiFi on the Nintendo DS. You can play mp3’s, read TXT books, and run your homebrew applications with ease. The TTDS team has created a truly unique and feature-rich Slot 1 Solution.

Product Features

  • 1:1 Original small size – Fits flush into Slot-1 slot
  • Includes a 1 Gig MicroSD Card – everything you need, right out of the box!
  • MicroSD is spring-loaded – for easier insertion and removal
  • Built-in pass me function
  • Great Download & Play Support (one of the world’s first Slot 1 Solution to offer compatibility with this!)
  • No in-game slowdowns! Unlike the R4 DS and the M3 DS as well as Others, games run 100% full speed, even on slower TF Cards!
  • No need to patch any NDS files, just drag and drop, then plug and play
    supports homebrew apps & games
  • supports moonshell movie player
  • supports soft reset in the game
  • supports cheat code function and is 100% compatible with Action Replay codes
  • supports wireless multi-player
  • support brightness adjustment in the menu
  • Pure hardware save, never lose data
  • Transfer game save files to and from the PC via the Card Reader.
  • Upgradeable Kernel / Menu core
  • support all ROMs, compatibility = 100%
  • support SDHC, up to 32GByte (most other cards stop at 8Gbyte)
  • Game Save Data can be used with NDS Emulators – so you can start playing your saved games even on the PC.
  • WiFi, DS rumble pack & DS Browser Support.
  • MicroSD Support for external storage. Choose your storage size and brand.
  • Boot clean dump images
  • Very user friendly
  • Compatible with R4 DS / M3 DS Save files, etc…

Package Contents

  • 1x TTDS
  • 1x 2 Gigabyte MicroSD card
  • Mini MicroSD / microSD HC USB Reader/Writer
  • Online Drivers/Downloadable firmware.


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