TT DS / DSTT Slot-1 Solution (MicroSD / MicroSDHC) for Nintendo DS (Lite)

The TT DS / DSTT Slot-1 Solution (MicroSD / MicroSDHC) for Nintendo DS (Lite) is the latest and one of the greatest Slot 1 Solutions on the market today.



Full support for MicroSD HC up to 32GB+ – so you’ll never run of our space for your games, apps, homebrew, movies, and music. Designed and created by the very same people behind the world’s very first NDS Linker / Development Cart, the TT DS is backed by a team of excellent designers and developers. Your perfect slot 1 solution is finally here. Complete with support for Download & Play, Cheat Codes, and unlike many Slot 1 solution – full support for playing games over the built-in WiFi on the Nintendo DS. You can play mp3’s, read TXT books, and run your homebrew applications with ease. The TTDS team has created a truly unique and feature-rich Slot 1 Solution.

Product Features

  • 1:1 Original small size – Fits flush into Slot-1 slot
  • MicroSD is spring-loaded – for easier insertion and removal
  • Built-in pass me function
  • Great Download & Play Support (one of the world’s first Slot 1 Solution to offer compatibility with this!)
  • No in-game slowdowns! Unlike the R4 DS and the M3 DS as well as Others, games run 100% full speed, even on slower TF Cards!
  • No need to patch any NDS files, just drag and drop, then plug and play
  • supports homebrew apps & games
  • supports moonshell movie player
  • supports soft reset in the game
  • supports cheat code function and are 100% compatible with Action Replay codes
  • supports wireless multi-player
  • support brightness adjustment in the menu
  • Pure hardware save, never lose data
  • Transfer game save files to and from the PC via the Card Reader.
  • Upgradeable Kernel / Menu core
  • support all ROMs, compatibility = 100%
  • support SDHC, up to 32GByte (most other cards stop at 8Gbyte)
  • Game Save Data can be used with NDS Emulators – so you can start playing your saved games even on the PC.
  • WiFi, DS rumble pack & DS Browser Support.
  • MicroSD Support for external storage. Choose your storage size and brand.
  • Boot clean dump images
  • Very user friendly
  • Compatible with R4 DS / M3 DS Save files, etc…

Package Contents

  • 1x TTDS
  • Mini MicroSD / microSD HC USB Reader/Writer
  • Online Drivers/Downloadable firmware.


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