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Team Xecuter Xbox 360 Unlock Kit! Needed to take apart your Xbox 360!



Using ordinary tools, taking apart your system is very stressful and takes a long time. To unlock the system, you would need to unsnap the locks one at a time using a screwdriver which is very tedious and easy to mess up. Using this tool, you can unsnap all the pieces you need at once! You will still need the Torque kit for the right screwdrivers to completely take a party to your console, but this tool makes the process of getting to the screws a breeze. This product is a must-have item for anyone wishing to disassemble their Xbox 360 to install a modchip or even repair or replace a case!

Product Features

  • High-quality tool designed specifically for unlocking the Xbox 360

Package Contents

  • Xbox 360 unlock tool

Installation & Usage Instructions;=50 Xbox 360 disassembly
Xbox 360 Disassembly for DVD drive removal


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