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R4 DS MicroSD – 1Gig Combo

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The R4 DS MicroSD – 1Gig Combo is one of our most popular sellers. You get everything you need to start using your R4 DS Card out of the box.


Out of stock


The R4 DS MicroSD combo comes with a 1Gig MicroSD Card, enough for all of your games and applications. The R4 DS MicroSD Combo also includes a microSD card reader/writer so you can drag and drop files right to your microSD card as soon as your package arrives. By far the most popular NDS Flash Card. The R4 DS Card is one of the best DS flashcards on the market. Fully skinnable, easy to use, and no patching or converting is required. Just drag and drop your files to the r4 ds microSD card – plug in the microSD to your R4 DS Card and start enjoying the powerful new features of your Nintendo DS / DS Lite console.
PLEASE NOTE: At we only carry the OFFICIAL – AND ORIGINAL – R4 DS MicroSD Customers Beware!!! There is a lot of clone/copy R4 DS on the market, the newest updates will NOT work on those R4 DS Units. Buy the original R4 DS MicroSD – Buy from!

We have created this All-in-one R4 DS MicroSD Combo to include everything you need to run your backups, homebrew, and more! We have made it even easier by including a 1GB MicroSD card at a very low price! This Slot 1 solution boasts “drag and drops” functionality for your backups removing the dreaded patching system before adding backups to your microSD card. You can do much more with your R4 DS MicroSD than just play. You can play mp3’s, read TXT books, and run your homebrew applications with ease. Use your Nintendo DS or DS Lite as a full portable movie player too. With the R4 DS MicroSD, it is fully possible! The R4 DS Card team has made functionality their number one priority with this new generation of DS development. The R4 DS Card does it all! You can even use the R4 DS MicroSD as a Passme for your other DS products allowing you twice as much storage! Add the M3 or M3 lite Perfect for GBA support!

Product Features

  • Original DS slot 1 cart size
  • Built-in PassMe support (acts as its own device and a Passme Device to your other M3 products )
  • MicroSD Support for external storage. Choose your storage size and brand.
  • Boot clean dump images
  • Drag and Drop Functionality (no patching required)
  • No drivers required
  • Standard FAT system support.
  • Upgradable Firmware ( OS / Bios / Kernel )
  • Touch Screen control
  • Skinning support
  • Auto-detect the saves
  • Homebrew support, IO lib will release on launch.
  • Watch movies, listen to MP3 & read TXT on the DS via Moonshell.
  • WiFi, DS rumble pack & DS Browser Support.
  • 1GB MicroSD Card for storing twice as much as DSX and G6

Package Contents

  • R4 DS MicroSD
  • SD Reader
  • Driver Disc (May not be included depending on which version of firmware is on the disc from the factory. The most recent version is available for download for all customers)


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