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R4 3DS Card


The R4 3DS Cards, or R4i 3DS Cards do so many things that you will be amazed at the new functions that come to life on your Nintendo 3DS system. It’s not often that there’s an accessory or add-on for a game system that can say that it truly powers up not only the system itself but the entire experience you have with it.



That’s exactly what the R4 3DS Card does. It takes your Nintendo 3DS and enables it to load and store some of the best homebrew, games, and applications. All of them are available at no cost to you. It allows you to run DS games in DS mode on your Nintendo 3DS, and make multimedia playback a breeze.

Sure, we bought our 3DS systems for the 3D games, but they can do so much more. If you’re into movies, imagine being able to take your newest movies, quickly convert them, and watch them all on your Nintendo 3DS. If music is more your thing, no problem! The R4 3DS Card lets you carry around and listen to your entire MP3 Collection. Just copy your music to the micro SD card, and you’re all set to rock out to your favorite songs no matter where you’re going.

Like reading? Then turn your Nintendo 3DS into the best ebook reader out there. Homebrew ebook reader apps let you read the current best sellers or those timeless classics right on your console. No need to go out and buy an ebook reader – your 3DS Can do it too – plus you’ll be able to play some of the best handheld games when you’re tired of reading.

And you can do all of this with the easy-to-use GUI of the R4 3DS Cards. Much like the R4i SDHC Cards before it, the simple to use menu system built right into the card lets you quickly and easily access all of your media. Not to mention the fact that the interface is fully skin and custom theme friendly, so you can mix it up, even make your custom skins to suit your tastes.

The R4 3DS is fully compatible with all models of the Nintendo 3DS system. USA, Europe, and Japanese versions. All current 3DS firmware is supported, so you know that this card will just WORK when you get it. It’s also fully backward compatible too, so if you want to share some homebrew gaming with your friend who has a DS or DSi, just take the card and plug it into their system, and you’re all set to play.

Product Features

  • New R4 3DS Card – For the Nintendo 3DS System
  • Compatible with the DS, DS Lite, Nintendo DSi, DSi XL, and 3DS.
  • The R4 3DS Is the same size as a regular DS game card.
  • Auto Game Save Functions. Detects the game save type and allows you to save your games to the micro SD card.
  • Wifi gameplays support built-in.
  • Control all of the features and functions with the 3DS touch screen.
  • Completely customize the skins of the R4 3DS menu with your themes and skins or any one of thousands available online.
  • Fully upgradeable firmware with regular updates to ensure your r4 3ds is always up and running!
  • Supper Micro SD and Micro SDHC Cards, right up to 32GB
  • Super easy to use – just drag and drop/copy and paste the files you want onto the micro SD Card and you’re ready to play.
  • DS Rumble pack games are also supported as well as the Nintendo DS Browser.
  • A must-have accessory for every single Nintendo 3DS owner out there.
  • DLDI Auto patching means all of your homebrew games and apps will just work, right away, without any hassles or fuss.

Package Contents

  • R4 3DS
  • R4 3DS USB Reader For Micro SD cards
  • Online Firmware download
  • Instructions And Manual



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