PlayStation Breaker Pro for PS1 and PS2

It has finally arrived! The world’s first CD-based PS import game adapter boot disc for PS and PS2.



The Breaker Pro is the only solution to enable your PS and PS2 console to play Playstation and PSOne import and backup games – without any need for a modchip. And it couldn’t get any easier than using the Breaker Pro. Simply put in the disc, turn on your PS or PS2, and wait for the screen asking you to swap the disc. Simply take out the Breaker pro disc, and put in the game you want to play – and that’s it. now you’re playing all of your backup and import games with ease!
There’s no need to take apart and disassemble your PS or PS2. There’s no soldering or hassles. The Breaker Pro is a true plug-in and plays solution for your gaming needs – and you won’t void your warranty either!

Product Features

  • Allows the PS1 and Playstation 2 to play PS1 import and backup games without internal modification
  • No warranty issues – Will not void your warranty!
  • No soldering or chip installation is required!
  • Very simple to use.
  • Works on all PS1 and PS2 (1-10) versions
  • Excellent Boot Disc for all Playstation Consoles.

Package Contents

  • Breaker Pro v1.1
  • Insert and Instructions booklet
  • Slide Card for PS2 usage
  • Spring for Playstation 1 usage
  • Tab for PS-One Usage

Installation & Usage Instructions

Installation and Usage Instructions are located within the DVD case.
Online Installation and Usage Instructions: Breaker Pro Instructions
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