Nintendo Wii Wode Jukebox Wii Modchip

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Truly the next generation Wii Modchip. The Wode Jukebox is so much more than just your ordinary Wii modchip.



The Wode Jukebox truly is a revolution in the way you will be able to play your backups and out-of-region games on your Nintendo Wii. Not only does the Wode Jukebox let you play backups of your original games and import games on disc for DMS to D3 drives but the Wode Jukebox also has full USB support. What does this mean for you? It means that you will be able to plug in external USB devices – like USB Flash Drives, even USD External Hard Drives and use them to store and load your files to your Nintendo Wii, without ever having to put them on a DVD Disc.
The Wode Jukebox really is an evolution in Wii Modchip technology. And you’ll get everything you need right in the box. The Wii Wode Jukebox comes with an easy-to-use LCD screen built into the stand that displays what titles you have on the external USB storage and a toggle switch that will enable you to navigate the hard drive. Simply find the title or file you wish to load, and at the press of a button – your file will be loaded and on your screen. NO discs, no DVD Writing, and no hassles. You can now have your entire collection of Wii games stored on a hard drive – easily accessible using the LCD screen and toggle switch to load, all your original games can be kept in a safe place and perfect condition. The Wode Jukebox takes Wii Gaming to a whole new level, with load times that are unheard of!

Product Features

  • Play Wii & GameCube game ISOs direct from USB storage devices at 8x normal read speed
  • Powerful ARM9 MCU
  • Easy to use GUI – LCD & Joystick
  • Region hack (works on wiis with firmware 4.1 and lower)
  • Flexible Linux Kernel
  • USB hub support for multiple USB devices connection
  • Great File System support – use existing WBFS formatted media or ‘drag and drop’ ISOs to existing USB devices
  • Supports NTFS
  • Supports WBFS
  • Supports EXT3FS
  • Supports HPFS

Package Contents

  • WODE Main Board for internal installation
  • 32pin flat cable to connect wide jukebox to Wii DVD drive
  • USB power cable
  • 32pin flat cable to connect WODE Main-Board to external WODE Vertical Stand
  • Triwing opening tool
  • Wii Special Vertical stand that includes inside WODE Slave Board with LCD screen, USB connector, SD/SDHC CARD slot, and navigation-Joystick (Colour may vary)


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