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Nintendo DSi EZ-Flash Vi DSi Compatible Backup Unit For NDS, NDS Lite and DSi

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The EZFlash Vi is 100% Compatible With And Has Full Support for the V1.4 DSi Update! 100% Support MicroSD/SDHC, high capacity, high speed, no speed drop.


Out of stock


The Nintendo DSi EZ-Flash Vi DSi Compatible Backup Unit For NDS, NDS Lite, and DSi (SDHC) features an advanced PDA-like interface and easy-to-use software. The EZ Vi works on all DS systems from the Fat NDS to the new DSi. To this day, across the world, EZ-Flash cards are being chosen over the competition for their reliability, performance, and ease of use. The EZ-Flash Vi slot-1 solution is based on mature Slot-1 technology, so there is no need to flash your system, use a passkey device, or patch your files anymore. Spend your time playing your games and focusing on the greatest new homebrew releases instead of you can focus on playing games without worrying about anything else. More than that, EZ-Flash Vi’s multimedia functions turn your system into a MULTIMEDIA POWERHOUSE!

Established in the year 2000, EZ-FLASH has been a well-known flashcard manufacturer. It’s one of a few companies which have independent technology development abilities and it has become the leader of the flashcard industry.

Ever since the GBA era, EZ-FLASH has provided high quality, excellent performance products, and good service to the players, making their gaming experiences more convenient and comfortable. This has been EZFLSH’s business philosophy and keeps pushing the development of the flashcard industry.

The EZ-Flash V DSi is the first fully compatible NDS Solution that not only works with the very first Nintendo DS and Nintendo DS Lite but also is fully supported to work in the Nintendo DSi units. You can rest assured that the EZ Flash team has once again shown that they truly are the industry leader when it comes to flash carts… Just as they did in the days of the Gameboy and Gameboy Advance SP.

Product Features

  • Works on NDS, NDS Lite, and DSi
  • NOPASS technology, no need to modify DS console, no harm to the console, keeps console warranty.
  • Side plugin, prevent the MicroSD/SDHC suddenly drop, looks like the original card
  • Support official Slot2 expansion device
  • Soft reset reduces the damage to the power switch
  • RAM expansion, support official web browser
  • Rumble support, strength adjustable
  • Full GBA game support
  • Light control adjustable
  • Homebrew support, auto DLDI supported
  • Support MicroSD/SDHC, high capacity, high speed, no speed drop.
  • Direct save to MicroSD/SDHC, no more save loss.

Package Contents

  • EZ-Flash Vi
  • EZ-Flash microSD Card Reader
  • EZ-Flash Card Protector
  • EZ-Flash Retractable Metallic Stylus
  • EZ-Thumb Pen


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