Nintendo DS (Lite) R6 Silver for NDS / NDS Lite Slot 1 Backup Unit SDHC Rumble/Expansion Pack Combo

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Undoubtedly the absolute BEST Slot 1 card on the market today.


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Want to play the latest homebrew games, or try the latest homebrew applications? No problem, the R6 Silver does it right out of the box. Full support for SDHC MicroSD Cards… right up to 256 GByte!

Truly endless space is available for all of your Slot 1 needs. Not only do you get the hottest NDS Slot 1 Backup unit… You get the entire package. The included NDS Rumble expansion pack is plug and play, and ready for you whether you have an older NDS or a new NDS Lite. Everything has been thought of with the R6 Silver.

Not a “new kid on the block” by any stretch of the imagination… The R6 Silver is designed and manufactured by the same people that brought to market the VERY FIRST NDS Flash Linker. And unlike virtually every other Slot 1 Card like the R4 DS, or M3 DS Real, the R6 DS is a homebrew gamer AND homebrew developers dream. With full support for DS Linux right out of the box. Quickly and easily drag and drop your files to the MicroSD Card size of your choice and plug the R6 into your NDS / NDS Lite for an easy to use, plug and play experience.

100% support for all ROM images. Absolutely no incompatibilities whatsoever. Fully upgradeable BIOS keeps this product future-friendly with new features and functions being added all the time. Here at, we could use any slot 1 device we wanted to – and all of us here have chosen the R6 DS Silver for our own everyday use!

Product Features

  • 1:1 original NDS cart size
  • Supports ALL versions of NDS & Lite
  • Simple PLUG and PLAY Slot 1 Card.
  • Drag and Drop files without any need for extra patches!
  • NDS brightness adjustment fully supported!
  • Supports Auto Sleep Mode
  • Build-in MagicKey pass2 function
  • Build-in 4K/64K/256K/512K/2M/4M REAL EEPROM Save
  • Build-in upgradeable BIOS flash
  • Perfect DLDI low-level support, No need to do DLDI patch in advance
  • FULL support for DS-Linux right out of the box!
  • Support homebrew games, and homebrew applications like MoonShell 1.71
  • Suitable for MicroSD (TF) and SDHC, up to 256GB
  • Support NDS/NDSL Rumble Pack function
  • Includes both NDS and NDS Lite Rumble Pack


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