Nintendo DS (Lite) Edge DS Card for NDS and NDS Lite (Slot 1 Backup Solution)

Give yourself the gaming edge with the new edge DS Card.



The EDGE is a Slot 1 all-in-one backup unit for the Nintendo DS and DS Lite. You can play MP3s, read TXT books, and run your homebrew applications with ease.

Product Features

  • Completely plug & play – no FlashMe, PassMe, or PC software required
  • Compatible with NDS and NDS Lite
  • Built-in cheat code engine comes bundled with cheat codes for over 330 games!
  • Uses MicroSD card, both FAT16 and FAT32 supported
  • Supports Micro SDHC up to 8GB
  • User-friendly, easily skinnable interface. Both touch screen and button operation supported
  • Multi-lingual user interface
  • Excellent homebrew compatibility thanks to the DLDI auto-patcher
  • Moonshell included to provide media playing functionality, soft-reset is supported
  • PassMe function (boot from slot 2)
  • Supports rumble and memory expansions

Package Contents

  • edge ds card
  • microSD card reader / writer


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