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MagicBox XFPS for Xbox Best Mouse and Keyboard hookup device for First Person Shooters!

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Revolutionary Keyboard And Mouse Adapter For XBOX FPS (First Person Shooter) Titles!


Out of stock


Are you ready to do some serious shooting? Utilize the ultimate control method of a keyboard and mouse on your Xbox! Enjoy greater levels of accuracy and precision when shooting friends and enemies alike.

Every turn, Every move, Every shot can be conducted with the utmost control as a result of the innovative MagicBox XFPS, remember there is no substitute for accuracy.

The MagicBox XFPS is a pure plug-and-play device so that means no software is required, just plug it in and enjoy a considerably improved FPS title experience.

Product Features

  • Connectivity of a standard PS/2 keyboard and mouse to the Xbox console Primarily designed for first-person shooter Xbox titles
  • Super quick response and fluidity
  • Complete support for all keys on a standard keyboard and mouse (even scroll-wheel)
  • Integrated memory card slot for compatible devices
  • Diverse versatility – works with any game even those without a native mouse and keyboard support.
  • Instant play configuration – pre-installed with user-friendly configurations for most first-person shooters!
  • Multi-region compatibly with JAP, NTSC, and PAL consoles.
  • Support for most standard PS/2 keyboard and mouse even optical and wireless!
  • USB mice supported via the use of a PS/2 to USB Converter (not included)
  • Inline quick-release controller port installed preventing any potential console damage

Package Contents

  • MagicBox XFPS


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