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M3i Zero

We’re proud to introduce the M3i Zero Sakura card for the Nintendo DS, DSi, and the new Nintendo 3DS.



We’re proud to introduce the M3i Zero Sakura card for the Nintendo DS, DSi, and the new Nintendo 3DS. With the newest firmware updates, you can have this amazing card working on every single Nintendo Handheld console out there today. The M3 Team has long been known for bringing some of the highest quality products to homebrew DS flashcard markets. Since their original M3 and M3 lite as well as the very popular M3 DS Simply, they have been the cream of the crop for flashcards for the Nintendo DS, DS Lite, DSi, and the DSi XL. And now, their aim is to offer the same high level of quality and a product that is as perfect as it gets, to the Nintendo 3DS system.
Don’t miss out on your chance to get one of the best flashcards out today. Sure, there are cheaper cards, but the M3i series boasts some of the best built-in features to date. With build-in MoonShell media playback capabilities, you can’t go wrong with your games and apps on any of the systems.

The all-new M3i Zero offers support for NDS, NDS Lite, the new DSi, and every newest Nintendo 3DS. But what makes the M3i Sakura stand out, even more, is full support for Firmware Flashing of the M3i Zero to protect your investment against any future DSi system updates. Not only that, but it also comes built-in with the M3i Zero in-house media player. The media player just like the main menu interface is extremely pleasing to the eye and easy to navigate, you will be able to play your DPG videos and MP3s with ease. There is also a couple of other added software features that come with the Sakura O/S that runs on the M3i Zero including a PDA style organizer which has a date calendar, calculator, and more. The M3i Zero is also backward compatible, so if you are currently the owner of an older DS or DS Lite and wish to have a flashcard to use now, but also know you will be upgrading to a DSi soon, the M3i Zero will work just fine in your older DS or DS Lite until you make the upgrade to the DSi console, this way you don’t have to buy a new flashcard when you do upgrade to the DSi.

Product Features

  • New advanced GUI for even easier operations
  • PERFECT support for all of the games and apps you can play on this card.
  • Supports all of the DS handhelds. From the DS right up to the newest 3DS systems.
  • Advanced Sakura Operating System & GUI
  • USB 2.0 MicroSD & SDHC Reader Included
  • Compatible With All Speeds of MicroSD
  • High-Quality Shell Casing & Hardware
  • Excellent Homebrew Compatibility
  • Hardware Updatable Kernel Sys
  • Custom Media Centre Soft
  • Supports MicroSD & MicroSDHC to 32GB
  • Real-Time Save & Soft Reset Functions
  • Supports DS, DS Lite & DSi Consoles
  • Built-in PDA With Notepad & More
  • Easy Touch Screen Navigation
  • Multi Skin Interface Support
  • Multi-Language Support


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