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M3 Lite Perfect (MicroSD Version) for Nintendo DS Lite / GBA

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The M3 Lite is the answer of the M3 team to the Nintendo DS Lite.


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It is a full-blown M3 adapter that will perfectly fit into your Nintendo DS Lite GBA cartridge slot without sticking out, and with all the functions of the M3 Adapter. It is using a Micro SD card and comes with 3 cases (Black, White, and Ice Blue) for perfect integration in the design of your Nintendo DS Lite.

One of the coolest features of an M3 Lite micro SD Adapter is that you can directly run third-party software on it – that includes emulators of the video game system. Just like any MP3 Player on the market but with the ability to play movies and applications!

All you need is a MicroSD (MiniSD) card of any size and a PassMe device like Passcard 3 or Max Media Launcher to run any freeware, homebrew, or ROMs you may want. Once a MicroSD card is inserted, the M3 Lite becomes a Flash Cart for your Nintendo DS Lite, and it is also compatible with Gameboy Advance (GBA).

Product Features

  • Compatible with all Homebrew, Freeware, GBA games without any patching required and without any problem during gameplay. NDS games require patching.
  • Excellent Save compatibility. It supports all save types with the RTC function.
  • Capacity is very flexible and only depends on the card you use, which now are up to 4GByte (32Gbit) on the market.
  • GOLDEN FINGER (CHEAT Code ) employs the IPS system that prevails in the world, with more diverse and powerful distinctive functions than CHT. The unique Auto IPS feature completely prevents computer crashes.
  • With unique Super Real-Time Save Function, easily operates and it can revive without limits.
  • MicroSD card +Reader can be used as a U disk and it only needs drag here and there when the game is burning.
  • Saves money: MicroSD cards can also be used in a digital camera and other products, and you can share your card as you need it without the need to buy a dedicated cart for your NDS/GBA.
  • Supports GBA Games, FC games, Emulator games, GBA Movies, E-book, Cartoon books, browse pictures, enjoy music, and so on.
  • Supports 4-key reboot to Rom menu function, and supports 4-key reboot beginning function.

Package Contents

  • M3 Lite Micro SD Adapter
  • White Color Cover
  • Black Color Cover
  • Ice Blue Color Cover


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