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G6 Lite 4GBit(512MB) Flash Cart and Passcard 3 combo for Nintendo DS and DS Lite

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The G6 Lite is the flagship product from G6 Flash.


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It has internal memory and comes with a 4G memory card (1G = 1 Gigabit = 1024 bit ). It supports both DS and GBA games but also includes emulators for playing FC, NES, SNES, GB, GBC, PCE, SEGA-MS, and GG. The unit has a built-in media player for playing the following formats:

– Dolby AC3 audio frequency file (*.AC3)
– target’s file of DVD video (*.VOB)
– waveform sound file of Microsoft (*.WAV)
– MPEG-1 Audio Layer-2 file (*.MP2)
– MPEG-1 Audio Layer-3 file (*.MP3)
– Real media file (*.RA, *.RM, *.RAM, *.RMVB)
– MPEG-1 media file (*.Mpeg, *.Mpg)
– MPEG-2 media file (*.M2V)
– Windows media file (*.AVI, *.ASF, *.WMA, *.WMV)
– VCD video file (*.DAT)
– QuickTime media file (*.MOV)
– MPEG-4 media file (*.AVI)
– DivX media file (*.AVI)

The G6 Lite also has a built-in PDA program with full English menus

G6Flash 3rd Generation 4 in 1 Multi Media Card is the innovative and the most powerful device of GBA(SP) and NDS Console. It doesn’t like other general Flash Cards just only for playing games. It has all functions of other Flash Cards that had before, and now you can use our Multi-Media Card on GBA (SP) / NDS and watch movies, play music, browse pictures, read E-Books …… As one of the important and exclusive functions, it’s a true USB disk (Standard FAT Format), and it can be used for saving and transferring any files and materials on the GBA or PC rapidly and conveniently. You can save all media materials with enough capacity. Such as Movies, Music, Games, and PC data ….

Games Compatibility Can perfectly and directly run all games without needing any adding patches or any converting before playing. (Can directly run GBA games, and Emulator games, FC=NES / SNES / GB / GC / S-MS… and can perfectly hold various
saving modes and RTC function )

Includes Passcard 3 in the combo, so no need for anything else, just enjoy it out of the box. It also comes with a GBA Shell adapter for full compatibility with Nintendo DS (NDS) and DS Lite.

Product Features

  • Homebrew apps Compatibility: Can perfectly and directly run homebrew apps without needing any adding patches or any converting before playing.
  • Super Real-Time Save Function.
  • Instant Save Function, unlimited revive.
  • High compatibility. Can be compatible with most apps.
  • No need for any database or X-code for using this function.
  • Easily operate, the user only presses A, B, L, R key at the same time, it is very suitable for NDS, GBS(SP), GBA.
  • Not only it has one real-time save the record and but also can offer up to 3 real-time save records.
  • Works as U Disk, just plug & play, with fast burning speed.
  • It’s a Flashcard with the fastest speed of reading / Write in the world. Only take about 10 sec. to download 128M homebrew apps from a PC.
  • It doesn’t need any drivers (Except Win98). It’s so easy to operate that you even needn’t know more about PC software operation, and you just need to do duplicating or pasting operations. It likes the simple operation mode of the USB disk on the PC interface.
  • Media Player Function It is the official GBA Movie Player that has the exclusive function of Crystal Engine.
    Includes Passcard 3

Package Contents

  • 1 G6 Lite Flash Cart in Tin Can Packaging
  • 1 regular size GBA shell for NDS and DS Lite compatibility
  • 1 USB transfer device
  • 1 mini-CD with the G6 Lite software
  • 1 Passcard 3 PassMe


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