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G6 DS – REAL (8Gbit 1Gigabyte) Slot-1 Cart for Nintendo DS / DS Lite

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This amazing product includes 8 Gb of storage for playing Homebrew and Media Player Flash Cart on any Nintendo DS or DS Lite guaranteed to work with any future DS consoles!


Out of stock


All you need to do is load your DS media and application onto the cartridge and let the fun begin! There is even a custom OS to make your life even easier than it has already become!

Use this amazing new device to truly use Nintendo’s best-selling handheld to its full potential. If you thought your DS or DS Lite was cool, well imagine what you can do with 8Gb of storage for all your homebrew and Media. No Passcards, methods, or different devices having to work together! This unit has everything you need, just plug into the cartridge slot and do what you want in a revolutionary easy way, you will never look at your DS the same!

the cartridge will allow you to drag and drop files directly from your PC to the g6. The OS on the g6 allows you to easily communicate and transfer files. Drag and Drop Homebrew and Media Files as you wish into the onboard 8Gigabit (1Gigabyte) memory without any compatibility issues.

Product Features

  • One single unified device, no need for GBA Cart, external memory, or pass me/flash me
  • Functions as a flash cart, compatible with homebrew, media, and other image files
  • Plug ‘n Play, no PC software required allowing for some seriously sweet Drag ‘n Drop file transfer
  • Intuitively designed a custom operating system which is fully upgradeable
  • Included 8GBit (1 Gigabyte) onboard flash memory
  • Compatible with all current and future DS consoles Guaranteed!
  • The same size as the original DS cartridge does NOT stick out!
  • Custom engineered High-Speed USB 2.0 mini-B connector and full-sized EEPROM.
  • Durable and elegant casing
  • No Software is required for programming
  • Custom Operating system

Package Contents

  • G6 REAL 8Gb Cart
  • USB Cable to connect to your PC


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