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CycloWiz V2 The Worlds First ModChip for Nintendo Wii

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The Cyclowiz Wii Modchip is NOW UNIVERSAL! WORKS ON ALL Wii’s


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The amazing CycloWiz modchip for the Nintendo Wii has arrived! The first High-Quality mod for your Wii is here! This is possibly the easiest modchip to install on any system. A quick solder pattern on the PCB board removes the need for wires. All you need to do is solder onto the designated parts and you’re finished!!! Not only is it easy to install, but the modchip also has amazing features including STEALTH mode, the ability to play BOTH WII and Gamecube backups, GC homebrew, and imports!!!!

Other Features include: An optional off feature and LED to let you know when your CycloWiz is on or off

Note: While adding a swap-free import feature would have been trivial, the chip could be easily detected then. It was decided that being stealthy was more important, so using a boot disc is required.

Product Features

  • UNIVERSAL! Works on all Wii’s
  • Easy Install (5 solder points / no wires required)
  • Stealth Mode to keep the chip from ever being detected from current Wii firmware
  • Play Both Wii and GC backups
  • Play GC homebrew and Imports
  • Built-In Audiofix for GC backups
  • Multidisc GC Game support
  • Support 8Cm and 12cm Discs
  • Optional Disable feature to turn your chip on and off
  • Multipurpose LED to let you know that your chip is on and working, if it has an error, or if it is off
    DVD Firmware Upgrades available

Package Contents

  • CycloWiz Wii Mod Chip

Installation & Usage Instructions

  • Wii Dissasembly Tutorial for Wii Chip Installation
    You will only need two tools to take apart the Wii.
  • The first is a small Phillips screwdriver, which should be easy to locate.
  • The second tool you will need is a Triwing driver. This type of driver is not very common and might take some phone calls or internet searches to locate. Ours was purchased off of eBay several months ago to repair a broken Gameboy.
  • To disassemble: Flip the device upside down and remove the small silver Phillips screw. Once out, remove the battery tray


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