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CycloDS Evolution (MicroSD HC) Slot 1 Enhancer for Nintendo DS (Lite)

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Each of these units has the same features and functions as the CycloDS and fully supports the NDS, NDS Lite, and NDSi consoles – and at a much lower price!


Out of stock


The CycloDS Evolution is the most feature-rich Cart available to date. This new Cart from Team Cyclops is completely plugged and play and is 100% Game compatible to date. Do away with the issue of being limited to small MicroSD card sizes. Fully supports SDHC MicroSD cards!!! Play backups, homebrew games, music, movies, and more!!! This cart includes all standard features included on other carts and more!!! New Features include Multi-language support, Slow Motion to slow down games, In-game reset, preloaded cheats, and more! Other amazing features include Fat 16 and Fat 32 support via MicroSD, adjustable LCD brightness, Passme, and moonshell included! Get this amazing new cart today!

Product Features

  • Completely plug & play
  • Fully Supports MicroSD HC Cards!! No more space limits! Up to 32GB and higher Supported!
  • Original DS slot 1 cart size
  • Full NDS Download Play
  • Multi-lingual user interface
  • Enhanced Mode” which provides powerful, unique features during gameplay. Enhanced features are activated through an in-game menu. Enhanced mode features include
  • SlowMotion mode can be used to slow down gameplay to make fast-paced action sequences easier to master
  • Built-in PassMe support (acts as its own device and a Passme Device to your other Slot-2 products )
  • MicroSD Support for external storage. Choose your storage size and brand.
  • Boot clean dump images
  • Drag and Drop Functionality (no patching required)
  • No drivers required
  • Standard FAT system support.
  • Upgradable Firmware ( OS / Bios / Kernel )
  • Touch Screen control
  • Skinning support
  • Auto-detect the saves
  • Homebrew support, IO lib will release on launch.
  • Watch movies, listen to MP3 & read TXT on the DS via Moonshell.
  • WiFi, DS rumble pack & DS Browser Support.
  • Moonshell included providing media playing functionality

Package Contents

  • CycloDS Evolution Cartridge
  • Micro SD card reader for PC file transfer


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