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*Crystal Red* Team Xecuter Iced Cube Full Size DVD GameCube replacement case

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The IceCube case made by Team Xecuter is the highest quality case ever made on Gamecube.


Out of stock


It is a full case and replaces the whole original casing of the Gamecube. This case is compatible with full-size DVD Discs which allow anyone to use DVD-R Discs with the GC console.

*Red* Version.

Product Features

  • Includes Power / Status LED’s
  • Easy to remove discs (Custom “Front Lip”)
  • Removable rear handle
  • USB / Serial Sockets
  • Replaceable Jewel / Custom Jewel Designs
  • Highest Quality Mould process – no low quality “Made In China” case
  • Complete replacement case – not just the lid and top part of the case
  • Comes with real GC jewel with logo ‘ICEDCUBE’

Package Contents

  • Complete Replacement Case (Top and Bottom, whole casing)
  • Power/Status LEDs
  • Removable Rear Handle
  • Real GC Jewel with ICEDCUBE logo
  • USB / Serial Sockets

Installation & Usage Instructions

Full fitting of this kit should be achieved in as little as 10 minutes for a manufacturer’s quality replacement case. Each replacement case comes (unlike OTHER cases) with the correct LED view spot and with the easy fitting of either Qoobchip or ViperTeam Devices


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