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Acekard 3DS


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The new and improved Acekard 3DS. With full support for the newest Nintendo 3DS system worldwide.


Out of stock


You can now use the Acekard on your Nintendo 3DS just as you would have on your DS, DS Lite, and Nintendo DSi XL system. Bringing all of the same functions and features to your new 3D game system.

The Acekard 3DS shows once again that you can do a whole lot more than just play games on your new system. Use the Acekard 3ds to watch movies, read ebooks, listen to your mp3 music, and play all of the latest and greatest DS homebrew games and applications – all of them are available free online.

Simply drag and drop your homebrew files to your micro SD card and your Acekard 3ds will be all set and ready to play. It uses the most advanced save game technology, allowing you to write your game saves in games, directly to your micro SD card. The Acekard 2i has one of the best interfaces/menu systems of all of the flashcards available today. With its intuitive GUI, and easy-to-navigate menu system, you’ll be up and playing in no time flat.

Since the very first Acekard product, gamers have looked to this one card to deliver all of the gaming and multimedia needs in an easy-to-use package – and once again the team delivers. With full support for the newest 3DS, the DS, DS Lite, and the DSi XL, you can rest assured that no matter the handheld system of your choice – you’ll be playing with no hassles and no fuss!


Product Features

  • Supports NDS, NDS Lite, DSi, DSiXL and 3DS
  • Save file is written directly to TF card. No need to manually select save size, no data loss.
  • Automatic DLDI patching. Run homebrew programs without converting.
  • Support soft-reset, Download Play, and WiFi gaming!
  • Support SDHC TF card. Virtually unlimited storage size!
  • Support any brand of TF, with no slowdown!
  • Support Action Replay cheats. Build-in editor!
  • Low power consumption for a longer operational time!
  • Built-in multiple languages and DIY skinning!

Package Contents

  • Acekard2i Card
  • USB MicroSD card reader


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