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16 in 1 Super Travel Kit for the Nintendo DS Lite

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Tired of figuring out what to buy? This 16 in 1 combo is your total solution for all your DS Lite needs!!


Out of stock


The amazing Super Travel Kit includes a recharge station, car adapter, DS lite protection film, two retractable stylus’, four-game cartridge protective cases, leather strap to keep your DS from falling out of your hands, headphones, cleaning cloth, lens cleaner, soft card, carrying bag, and a USB link cable. EVERYTHING YOU NEED IS RIGHT HERE! Quit adding multiple items to your cart, just order this and your shopping is done!!! All the pieces in this Super Travel Pack 16-in-1 are well manufactured and come with a 30-day warranty! Order yours today and get everything you need for your DS Lite.

Product Features

  • 16 products designed to extend the life and usability of your DS portable console
  • Well manufactured and packaged 16-in-1 Travel Kit
  • Total Solution for your at home or on the road gaming needs
  • Highest quality products designed for extended use

Package Contents

  • recharge station to charge your DS lite
  • car adapter for road charging and playing
  • DS lite protection film to protect your DS lite from scratches
  • two retractable stylus’ to keep you playing your games
  • four-game cartridge protective cases to protect the games you aren’t using
  • leather strap to keep your DS from falling out of your hands,
  • headphones to play games with sound in quiet areas
  • cleaning cloth for cleaning your DS Lite
  • lens cleaner for cleaning your DS Lite’s Screens
  • soft card to save your DS Lite
  • carrying bag for protection while you arent using your DS lite Console
  • USB link cable to hook your system up to your computer


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