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Sony PSP Undiluted Platinum (U.P.) PSP Mod Chip – World’s First PSP ModChip!

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The Undiluted Platinum PSP Mod Chip is packed full of features. It is every gamer’s dream to have a modded PSP that will play all Homebrew Games, Movies, and Apps.


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The Undiluted Platinum PSP Mod Chip will allow you to Unbrick any previously Bricked PSP because of its 2nd flash on the board. It is hands down the BEST breakthrough in the gaming industry today.

The U.P. (Undiluted Platinum) PSP ModChip is a flash replacement system for the Sony PSP™ which allows the use of previous flash updates or custom firmware builds, This ability creates the opportunity to run unsigned homebrew code on even the latest Sony PSP Handheld Portable. There is no more need for Unreliable Hacked Firmware. The U.P. contains 32MB NAND flash which is programmable from a PC via USB Cable with user-friendly software. The Dual-Boot Feature of the U.P. PSP Mod Chip allows you to boot from the PSP’s Onboard Flash, or the one mounted on the Undiluted Platinum PSP ModChip; You can tell your PSP which Flash to use by a single button being pressed during power-up. Hold L1 during power up to boot from PSP flash, or don’t hold anything to boot from U.P Flash Default. Since U.P. provides a secondary flash which the PSP can boot from, it can even be used to restore a PSP that has been “bricked”. Every effort has been made to make our flash updater software, which will be freely available for download, both as easy to use and reliable as possible. The software also contains diagnostics that can be used by installers to determine if an installation has been successful or not.

The U.P. has been designed to minimize installation difficulty and effort. An FPC (flexible printed circuit) cable is included which routes the essential signals from the PSP motherboard to the U.P. mainboard and U.P. USB connector. Copper enamel wire is included, which will provide the connection between the FPC cable and the motherboard signal traces. The FPC cable also helps by reducing the mechanical stress placed on the solder points, making a U.P. modified PSP shock resistant which is important for handheld systems.

The FPC cable end to which the USB connector board attaches is routed into the battery compartment and sits above the battery. The Battery Cover can be replaced after flash updating and the cable remains safely in the compartment until the next update is required, whereupon the USB connector can be clipped in place within a few seconds. This means that the U.P. is completely contained within the PSP under normal usage and avoids any unsightly external modifications to your PSP. PSP is after all portable, let’s keep it that way!

To maximize the benefits that U.P. can provide its users, The U.P. PSP Mod Chip has an open-source approach and will be releasing source code for any software U.P releases, as well as full documentation for the U.P. hardware interface – including information on how to control U.P. from within PSP programs. This will allow anybody to create software that can take advantage of what U.P. has to offer. This means there will be some guaranteed great programs from the scene’s Best Hackers.


Product Features

  • Run your Homebrew Code in even the latest PSP’s
  • No need for Hacked Firmware anymore, Dual Flash boot will bust your PSP wide open with possibilities
  • Play your Homebrew or Backup Games, Movies and Apps
  • Ultra-reliable and feature-rich Actel ProASIC Plus FPGA
  • Full Speed USB 1.1 ASIC onboard
  • Branded 32MB NAND flash onboard (same flash as used in PSP)
  • Stable and reliable flashing software freely available for download
  • Installation verification using flashing software
  • Ultra-compact four-layer PCB
  • High-quality Japanese connectors
  • USB cable included
  • FPC cable included reducing installation effort and improving shock resistance
  • Copper enamel wire included
  • Open platform development system for software developers
  • The installation has been optimized to fit entirely inside PSP
  • All PSP hardware versions/regions supported
  • User updatable flash
  • Low power consumption
  • Flash select via button press
  • Ultra-compact PCB has been designed to avoid signal bounce

Package Contents

  • U.P. PSP Mod Chip x1
  • U.P. USB BOARD x1
  • USB CABLE x1
  • FPC CABLE x1

Installation & Usage Instructions

**FPC cables are extremely delicate, use extreme caution when using and dealing with this item. will not replace, nor support any issues with damaged FPC cable**
TA-082 is not supported, however, they seem to be limited to Asia and have 2.6 or above firmware. We believe that the overall numbers of TA-082 as a proportion compared with TA-079, and TA-081 should be quite limited.

Check to make sure you don’t have TA-082 Motherboard without voiding your warranty!
How To Detect TA-082 PSP Motherboard

How to detect TA-082 PSP Motherboard.
How to detect if your PSP motherboard is TA-082 without voiding your warranty. Simply by looking inside your UMD Drive you can make sure that the U.P. is compatible with your PSP console. The Undiluted Platinum PSP Mod Chip is not compatible with Motherboard TA-082 as of yet. If you check your PSP, and it has Matches
Installation Tutorial for Undiluted Platinum PSP ModChip
Steps to install the Undiluted Platinum on your PSPThe Undiluted Platinum is available here. The Undiluted Platinum installation packages are available
Undiluted Platinum Installation Diagrams for TA-079
Here are the installation diagrams for the Undiluted Platinum PSP modchip for motherboard TA-079To Install follow the directions closely and make sure to use the proper soldering technique and care. Please do not attempt to install if you do not know how to solder, and have a professional do it. We also offer
Undiluted Platinum Installation Diagrams for TA-081
Here are the installation diagrams for the Undiluted Platinum PSP modchip for motherboard TA-081To Install follow the directions closely and make sure to use the proper soldering technique and care. Please do not attempt to install if you do not know how to solder, and have a professional do it. We also offer
Flashing Tutorial for Undiluted Platinum with Troubleshooting
Once the Undiluted Platinum has been installed it acts as a self-contained alternative flash that can be used to store secondary or even custom firmware. A popular setup is to have the latest official firmware installed on PSP flash for playing recent games and 1.0 or 1.50 firmware stored on the U.P. for us
Downloading and Installing Flashing Application for Programming Undiluted Platinum PSP Mod Chip
The programming software for the Undiluted Platinum (U.P.) PSP Mod Chip has been released. With this software, you can flash your PSP ModChip with the homebrew flash of your choice. There are plenty of ex


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