Playstation PSOne Boot Disc Mod Chip - PS-X-Change V2

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Works in every Playstation, even the newest SCPH-9001, and PSone (SCPH-10x) systems!



You no longer have to open your Playstation or PSOne console and void your Sony Warranty! The Playstation/PSOne BootDisc allows you to play import and CD-R backup games without a modchip. Imagine being able to play your favorite import and CD-R backup games without having to open your Playstation or PSOne Console. NOTE: Packaging and Artwork might differ.

Product Features

  • Play CD-R Backup copy and import games
  • No internal modification is required to your console
  • The BootDisc is the latest stealth version with the ability to add the latest stealth codes for unlimited lives, unlimited time, unlimited energy, and much more!
  • Bust your games WIDE open with the Playstation / PSOne Boot Disc!
  • The Playstation Boot Disc allows you to play the latest anti-modchip games such as DDR4, Spyro 3, and much more!
  • We took all the best features of the Game-Enhancer like booting import and CD-R backup copy games stealth functions and cheat codes to bust your games wide open and put them into the amazing PSX boot discs. Why this is a must-have item: The new Playstation Boot Disc is an excellent alternative to the standard PlayStation Mod Chips. You won’t have the fuss of a complicating installation, and it works on ALL PlayStation models, including the PSOne! Just pop the CD into your console and you’ll be able to play your backups and imports without having to install a modchip in your console! We took all of the best features of our ExternalMod 2M and put them all into an amazing Playstation Boot Disc!

Package Contents

  • PS-X-Change Playstation Boot Disc Version 2
  • Printed Directions for Use
  • Spring and PVC Card


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