PlayStation MP3 Player & Game-Enhancer 3 in 1 for PlayStation

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Imagine a device that turns your Playstation into HOME STEREO MP3 Player. Allowing you to store over 150 songs per compact disc and playing them right through your stereo speakers with the Playstation. To top it off, it acts like a modchip to allow you to play all Import and CD-R backup games. And if that was not enough, it also has cheat code functions (just like a Game Shark) which means you can give yourself extra lives, endless ammo, access to hidden characters and MUCH MORE. The Mp3-Enhancer does it ALL!


Out of stock


Product Features

  • Turn your PlayStation into a fully functional MP3 Player
  • Built-in ExternalMod 2M! Bust your games wide open! NEW STEALTH VERSION.
  • Play Import and CD-R Copy games with the Built-in ExternalMod 2M.
  • Compatible with virtually every GameShark, Action Replay, and XPlorer code. Hundreds of built-in codes – THOUSANDS available on the internet!
  • It’s like having a home MP3 player and ExternalMod 2M / Gameshark plus a modchip in one amazing unit.
  • Store up to 160 MP3 songs on any CD-R Disc and play them directly on your Playstation! That’s over 120 HOURS of music!
  • Screen easy to use menu system (Just as easy as the ExternalMod 2M Menu!)
  • Powerful memory card manager, a powerful MP3 player that is second to none.
  • Always wanted an MP3 player? Here’s your chance! And for only $37.95 this makes an EXCELLENT GIFT! You get an MP3 player (retail value $99.00) and an ExternalMod 2M for one LOW, LOW PRICE!
  • Play games with secret characters, hidden levels, infinite ammo, extra lives, and MORE with the built-in ExternalMod 2M and Gameshark codes.
  • Compatible with SCPH-100x, 550x, 700x, 750x. NOT compatible with SCPH-900x or PSOne machines unless you have an External Parallel Port.
  • PackAge Contents
  • MP3 Player & ExternalMod 2M 3 in 1
  • Crystal clear online installation directions, support forums, TONS of support!
  • Printed Directions

Directions and Use

NOTE: This item is compatible with the following model numbers: SCPH-100x, SCPH-550x, SCPH-700x, SCPH-750x It is NOT compatible with SCPH-900x or the new PSOne (SCPH-10x) consoles unless you have an External Parallel Port.


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