Nvidia GPUs Stolen Off A Truck In California

Video card manufacturer EVGA has confirmed one of its trucks carrying RTX 30 cards was overtaken by thieves recently en route from San Francisco to a southern California distribution center.

Posting on its forums, EVGA said the heist took place on October 29. Thieves apparently succeeded in stopping the truck and making off with an unspecified number of GeForce RTX 30-Series cards.

The cards are in “high demand,” EVGA said, and each had a value of between $330 and $2000. It’s not immediately clear how many units were on the truck, but it’s not hard to imagine this being a very substantial heist. Specific details about how the heist went down are unavailable.

EVGA also reminded people that it is a crime under US federal law to buy or receive stolen property, and this would also include these cards. As such, EVGA advised that people should check the serial number of any new EVGA cards they might come into ownership of and run them against EVGA’s My Products page. If the card can be registered, then it wasn’t stolen, EVGA said. Anyone with information to share should do so at [email protected].

Due to the ongoing semiconductor shortage, bots and thieves alike–it seems–have been snapping up GPUs and selling them for massive markups. A spokesperson for EVGA declined to comment when approached by IGN, citing the active investigation.

This is not the first daring heist we’ve reported on here at GameSpot. In 2011, two masked men armed with tear gas and knives hijacked a truck near Paris and made off with its cargo, which contained about 6,000 copies of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3.

Here’s to hoping no one was injured in the Nvidia GPU heist.

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Eric P


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