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The Wiikey Fusion is the newest Wii modchip product from the WiiKey team. The Wiikey Modchip and the Wiikey 2 modchip have been the top-selling Nintendo Wii Mod Chips since their release. With the WiiKey Fusion, the bar has once again been raised.

The Wiikey Fusion, like all cable-based modchips, used a security flaw in the DVD Drive to get backups to run. The flaw was the audio debug line, that Nintendo left open. In the latest d3-2 drives that started appearing in Wiis in Europe and North America at the start of August 2009. If your DVD drive is a D3 version 2 it will not be able to play backups in disc format, but will be able to run ISOs from SD cards!

The reason we have added a tick for “any future DVD drives” is because the Wiikey Fusion is a total DVD drive emulator. In fact, you can actually take your DVD drive out if you want, and just load games from the SD card.

Wii Region Compatibility
The Wiikey Fusion works on every single region (PAL, NTSC-u, NTSC-j, and KOREAN). There is a little region selector (dipswitch) on the modchip. Before installing the product you flick a switch for your region and plug in the modchip!

Wii Game Compatibility
Like all modchips from the Wiikey team, the Wiikey fusion will work with every single game from your region. There are no patches needed, no fixes to ISO, the modchip can boot any game without errors. You plug it in, and forget about it 🙂

Cross-region compatibility is a little bit different. The Wiikey Fusion will allow 50~80% of games to work from other regions (backup or original). The % changes from 1 region to another, and is the same as any other modchip from the team.

The product will also allow Gamecube backups, and Gamecube games from other regions to work.

SD Card Slot ISO Loading, how does it work? To be sure the Wiikey Fusion is 100% solderless, it comes with an SD card slot that you can use (you can route it to be an external slot hanging out the back of your Wii). If you have a soldering Iron handy you will need to solder just 2 wires from the Wiikey Fusion to the SD Card slot on the Wii if you would like to use the Wii’s own Sd card slot.

The soldering of wires or the solder method to install this chip is fully and 100% optional. You’ll still receive all of the benefits, features, and functions of this chip – no matter how you install it.

Anything that works through DVD, will load through the SD card slot in ISO format, including Gamecube ISOs!

Wiikey Fusion Installation
It’s very easy, just like the Drive key! Open Your Nintendo Wii Consoles, disconnect the ribbon cable from your DVD Drive, plug the cable into your Wiikey Fusion modchip, then simply connect the ribbon cable from the modchip to the Wii DVD Drive. Why is the called the WiiKey Fusion? It’s simple. The product is a fusion of the Drivekey product, and an SD card ISO loader (which is a world first).

Product Features

  • fully solderless installation
  • load games and files from a DVD disc or SD Card
  • 100% full guarantee to work.

Installation & Usage Instructions


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